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A complete body workout in just 20 minutes.

  • One PowerWave Bag for all your training
  • Access to 100's of  Live and On-Demand workouts within the PowerWave App 
  • Coach's dedicated to getting you results
  • Work out from home or anywhere in the world
  • Access to cooking recipes and life coaching
  • Mobile experience with precise performance stats
  • 14 Day FREE Trial
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Get ready for a workout
experience like no



Weekly Live workouts, hundreds of dedicated programs available On-Demand, nutrition plans, recipe ideas and a life coach. 


Whether you are completely new to fitness or a regular fitness enthusiast, we have workout programs dedicated to you that are coached by our experienced


Over 1700+ exercises, you don't
just have to train at home, you
can make the world your


Connect your heart rate monitor pick up your PowerWave bag and keep track of every workout you do. Complete with full workout stats and progress report. 

1700 different exercises
in one training device



7kg Training Device
Great for lean & tone full body workouts.

PowerWave Bag from £89.99  
App Subscription
£9.99 p/m (14 days free)


We recommend the 7kg Super PowerWave bag for women. With over 25,000 units sold, this is the popular weight for women looking to lean and tone whilst enhancing their strength. 

Don't be deceived, thanks to the devices centrifugal force, the fitter you become the more it will demand from you. 

Get 10% OFF Discount Code: LIFE10

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12kg Training Device
Great for full body strength & conditioning.

PowerWave Bag from £94.99  
App Subscription
£9.99 p/m (14 days free)

We understand that 12kg might not seem like a lot of weight, but don't let the size of the device fool you. From military men, combat fighter and body builders have all found this weight more than demanding for their workouts. And with the balanced keystone, as you improve your fitness, the PowerWave will become more demanding. 

Get 10% OFF Discount Code: LIFE10

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“Fitness has never interested me, but I knew I had to do something because my weight gain was impacting my health. I took up PowerWave and it's changed my life. 4 years later Im still training daily with it. I lost 7 stones and feel stronger and more energised than ever!”

Mark Holden 


What will you train

new workouts added weekly


Make The World Your Gym

With our portable device and fitness app you can
train virtually anywhere. Never miss a workout! 

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Have a Goal in

Whether you want to just get a quick workout in or follow a 30 day goal orientated workout program. You will be greeted with both live and on-demand workouts to fit your goal. 

Connect your Hr

Track every workout with our precise performance stat algorithm that will track your every heart beat, calorie and steps. Keep track of your progress and improve your ranking every time you sweat. 

Syncs to multiple bluetooth devices including Apple Watch. 

The Intensity

Whether you are new to fitness or a gym bunny, our coaches create weekly workouts suitable for all fitness levels. Select your intensity and get ready to burn some serious calories. 

Than Just Fitness

PowerWave is about helping you to live your life better. We understand this goes beyond just fitness. That's why we now have our own Chef and Life Coach to the mix to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Precise Performance Stats 

Our workouts are fun, effective, safe and will always keep you motivated. PowerWave is about becoming the best version of you, so that you can "Live Life Better"! We track your performance so that you can see your improvements. 


Make the world
your gym!

Versatile, ergonomic and
portable. It's more than 
just a weighted bag. 


At the centre of the PowerWave is the Keystone, where 70% of the total weight is located. Increase the intensity of any workout the further you are away from it. 



Located at the belly of the bag, shaped to comfortably rest on your neck to help regulate your body temperature to reduce injury during your workout.


Target different muscle groups just by changing your grip. Each holding position is designed to ensure you get a complete body workout from the same device.


Small enough to go in an overhead cabinet on a plane, effective enough to transform your life to become fitter, stronger and leaner with just 20 minutes a day. 

  • Why do the bags have a gender?
    When selecting which PowerWave weight to purchase, we have suggested which weight you should choose based on experience. We have sold over 25,000 PowerWave bags and counting; because of the force these bags can generate, we have found that the 7kg is perfect for women looking to lean and tone whilst enhancing overall strength. For men looking to do the same, we recommend the 12kg. It doesn't matter how much you can lift at the gym; training with a PowerWave is a very different experience. The fitter you are, the more it will demand from you. We have even tested these weights with those who are entirely new to fitness and elite athletes, and all have purchased to suit their gender.
  • Will this get repetitive?
    With new weekly workouts, new coaches joining our live team, and over 1700+ different exercises to hit you with, you can be sure that you won't feel like you are doing the same movements repeatedly. Most of our users and even staff have been using the same PowerWave device since they started, and this is years later! We will say that it does become addictive, like having a morning coffee for most. You can't start the day without a quick 20 minute PowerWave workout.
  • Will I ever need to move up a weight in the bag after training with it for a while?
    The great thing about PowerWave is that the fitter you become, the faster you can move the PowerWave, the more it will demand from you. Even the founder of PowerWave, Jay Laville, who went from an unhealthy 21 stones to a lean 14 stones, still trains with the same PowerWave he had since the beginning. The 12kg Spartan PowerWave. But if you find you'd like to try different movements that don't involve a more HIIT based workout, you might try moving up a weight.
  • I am a woman and am strong within the gym, should I get the heavier bag?
    This is entirely up to you and depends on what type of workout you enjoy doing. If your focus is solely on strength training, choosing the 12kg, Spartan PowerWave could be for you. But if you enjoy doing HIIT style workouts as well, even our most elite athletes prefer to stick to the PowerWave Super 7kg.
  • I struggle with motivation in the gym, will this be good for me?
    This is why we created the app. We are always looking at how to improve home workouts, make them engaging, and ensure people will stick with the program. With the PowerWave device and app, you don't have to train at home; you can train in the park, with friends even take it with you on holiday. Connect your HR monitor, track your progress and get live feedback on your performance. Compete with yourself or with others. And with the new Multiplayer feature launching soon, you'll be even more hooked with our app and workouts. With Multiplayer feature enabled, you can invite up to six PowerWave users to a workout you scheduled OnDemand. Compete on points, challenge one another, or simply motivate each other with our interactive talk-mode during every workout. At PowerWave, we are forever changing the way home workout experiences are done.
  • Why should I add this to my existing workout routine?
    Because our workouts are quick, incredibly effective, and always different, PowerWave workouts are not just HIIT type exercises; it's also strength, mobility, power, speed and endurance based. Then add the PowerWave bag, and you have your resistance training which burns more calories than most other class base workouts. When you workout on the PowerWave App, our coaches will train you using our unique timers that mix time under tension, volume training and slow to fast movements, and you have a complete body workout in as little as 20 minutes. Once you try PowerWave, it won't be easy to get the same endorphins rush from anything else.
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